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Now that you are both here, the first thing that I want to say to you is what a fantastic way to celebrate your love!…with the rising of the sun, and the beginning of a new day.  And while today is not your beginning…for your story began in the halls, a few classrooms, even a trailer of a high school Language Arts department…or perhaps it began with whispers in your ears from friends and acquaintances, convinced that this was the right woman for you and this was the right man for you, even before you had met one another. In fact, I wonder how many in attendance this morning secretly are taking credit for what is happening this morning.

bg 3photo: Tec Petaja

But the choice of a marriage partner (combined with the choice to get married in the first place, for the two cannot really be separated) is one of the very freest choices we make as human beings.  And if anything has been made clear to me, it is that you, Chad, have chosen Bethany…and you, Bethany, have chosen Chad.  And so…although today is not your beginning, today is the beginning of a new way of living; it is for you the dawn of newness.  …Today is a beautiful day.

bg 1photo: Tec Petaja

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  1. Kelley Fleischmann says:

    I would definitely have Tyler officiate my wedding. Watching and hearing Tyler officiate is a very refreshing experience. His words are real, true, and filled with passion. The beautiful blessing of marriage is truly celebrated through Tyler. He is the BEST, and highly recommended.