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I don’t know if you know this but in addition to being a college grad, a part time school teacher and researcher, somewhat of a web designer, and, from what I understand, a fantastic financial advisor at Primerica, Jameson Brewer is also a Native-American dancing champion. I’m totally serious. And while he doesn’t have a degree in this art, if I remember correctly he holds championships in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and perhaps a few other southern States, I don’t know. I have never seen him dance, but I know that some of the things involved in these dances are: colorful feathers, hula-hoops, and, on occasion, flaming torches. In fact, this evening at the reception, Jameson will be performing a special dance for all of us wedding guests.  jamo 1

Actually, no, I made that up.

But I want to say this: Jameson, you’re a special guy. You are a very talented individual. You’re super organized with an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re a role model for young people, an inspiration to your friends. You are someone on whom others gladly depend. And you’re a dancing fool. And…Mallory is a lucky girl.

Mallory, you, too, are the real deal.  You love well and you live well. You’re also super organized. You have a sensitive and caring heart, a passion for God and for the things of God. People love your presence; it is, for them, a good thing to be around you. And, truly, Jameson is a lucky man.

I say these things to you both not to puff you up or to make you feel good.  But I know that the support and encouragement of family and friends is extremely valuable to you. Well, you’ve got it. I want to say publicly what I am convinced all of us already are thinking: We love you.  We support you. We’re proud of you both.  And we’re so honored to be your family and friends.

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  1. Jameson & Mallory Brewer says:

    Tyler and I have been friends for many years. When Mallory and I were planning our wedding, we could think of no one better than Tyler to officiate. We were both blown away by not only his professionalism; but more importantly, his commitment to making our wedding day truly wonderful. Tyler reached out to our wedding party and included them in preparation as he worked to make our ceremony truly unique to us as a couple and a memorable event for our guests.
    We both highly recommend Tyler!