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JessicaDavid1Considering his lover, the author of the ancient love story recorded in the Song of Songs penned these words, “How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!…You have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes.”

As I understand it, the first glance for these two occurred in the seventh grade, as David was one of Jessica’s first boyfriends. Sadly, yet in true middle school fashion, they broke up that same year. But only to reunite their senior year of high school, thanks in part to a scheduling coincidence where they found themselves solving for derivatives together in Pre-Cal. And thanks also in part to the senior Prom, which they attended together.

Senior year of high school. Over five years ago.

Five years is enough time for love to be tested, refined to a certain extent, not complete, but cultivated with effort, experience, and counsel. For many, the choice of a marriage partner is one of the very freest choices we make as human beings. And if anything has been made clear to me from our conversations and from the words of your friends and family…it is that you, David, have chosen Jessica…and you, Jessica, have chosen David.JessicaDavid2Your choice consists not of a singular judgment but rather a series of decisions. And while most in attendance know how you have planned and thought and worked and waited throughout these years…we probably have no idea how you have anticipated this event.

Well it’s here.

…and it’s good.

And now is when I say, “Dearly beloved…”

photos: Callie Murray

2 Responses to “Jessica and David, an excerpt”

  1. Callie says:

    Tyler- Once again you performed a gorgeous ceremony. As someone who has known the bride and groom for years, I can honestly say that you captured their personalities and their story so well.

  2. Jessica and David says:


    Our wedding ceremony was memorable, personal, and truly unique, thanks to the beautiful ceremony you performed. It felt as if you have known us for years, not months. We received wonderful compliments from many of our friends and family on your performance. Thank you for the obvious commitment you made to make our wedding ceremony intimate and entertaining. There were laughs and tears, which is what any couple would hope for on their wedding day!


    Jessica and David