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Krista and Thad

Ecclesiastes 3.1 says, There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…including a time to love, and to celebrate that love.thad 1So I would like to welcome you to this great celebration as we unite Krista Derbecker and Thad Gilliam in marriage.

I want to emphasize celebration. Krista and Thad have communicated to me their hopes that this ceremony be reverent and at the same time casual, important yet informal, worshipful and at the same time fun. They also wanted the ceremony to be personal, capturing who they are. And from the events of yesterday and from the looks of things today, I’d say that they’ve done a good job.

Krista and Thad, we know that in the depths of your beings you are celebrating. In fact, more than one person has said that when they think about your personality, Krista, their mental image of you is one where you are dancing, spinning in circles, and laughing. Thad, many people have told me that their mental image of you is one where you’re running in the Boston Marathon, and it’s raining, and you’re in first place…and you’re naked. And all of your friends are cheering you on. I don’t know where that image comes from, but that’s what they’ve told me.

thad 2

Anyway, I want to communicate that with everything inside of us, we celebrate with you. We are so profoundly pleased and excited about your marriage. And we consider ourselves blessed to know you and to call you our friends.


photos: Joy Thigpen 

One Response to “Krista and Thad”

  1. Thad Gilliam says:

    Tyler has an uncanny ability to officiate weddings; he really helps to create a ceremony that is both profound and personal. I look back on our wedding and I am joyful that Tyler was able to officiate for us.